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Buy your DS MINI

The DS MINI is a miniature model of our SPRING® Black 310 panel (2 cells).
It is not cumbersome and can really make a difference during your presentations and customer appointments.

123€ TTC

Portals & TVA included

Book your demonstration Kit

Our exhibition materials have been specially designed to attract the eye and trigger curiosity among your prospects. You can either choose to buy (for your showroom) or lend yourself (for a living room) one or more elements of the kit.

If you wish to use this kit for specific events (exhibitions, fairs, etc.), DualSun provides you with the exhibition kit free of charge in Marseille for the duration of the event. A deposit of the value of the kit is required.

The kit can either be collected directly from our premises in Marseille (13013), or we can arrange round-trip transport for you (for a flat rate of 200€ excluding VAT round-trip in metropolitan France).

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Book your demonstration kit

Buy your DualSun Roll-up

Our Roll-up are the perfect tools to communicate on DualSun offers..

(support inclus)

100,52€ TTC 
(Portals & TVA included)